Floor Buffing Burnishing

Floor Buffing Burnishing Services That Dazzles Throughout Middlesex, Somerset and Union Counties

The premises of your commercial establishment can be easily marked or scuffed up when it receives constant traffic. For example, retail mall corridors, lobbies, and more. A dirty floor in your commercial building can be an embarrassment to the property management company and an eyesore to visitors. It is time to do something about it. At NLC Solutions, we are an established commercial cleaning company that specializes in floor buffing/burnishing.

What is Floor Buffing/Burnishing?

Commercial establishments often feature hard surface floors. This type of flooring requires a lot of care and maintenance to stay looking great and increase their durability. Apart from regular floor cleaning, floor buffing/burnishing is also required to effectively remove scuffs and dirt from the surfaces. These services are designed to restore your floors to their original shine. Additionally, prevent slip and fall incidents in your facility.

It is common for large buildings, such as retail stores, banks, and schools, to apply a protective layer of wax to preserve the floors. Over time, this waxy layer becomes worn through constant traffic. If the wax layer depletes, the flooring material underneath that layer will begin to suffer permanent damage from wear and tear. That is why having a schedule for periodic floor maintenance service, which includes floor buffing/burnishing, is recommended.

Understanding the Benefits of Floor Buffing/Burnishing

Excessive moisture can cause your floor to buckle. If it does, it can lead to a variety of problems like lawsuits from slip and falls. With a professional floor buffing/burnishing service, you can protect the integrity of your commercial flooring. By buffing and burnishing it, your floor will stay looking attractive to the eye.

The better you care for your commercial floor, the longer it will last. This is its way of repaying you for ensuring that it receives adequate care. Floor buffing and burnishing are great ways to maintain your floor as they minimize the need to replace parts of your flooring. By removing accumulated dirt, your floor wears down much slower.

What Does NLC Solutions Offer for Floor Buffing/Burnishing?

When you hire NLC Solutions for flooring buffing/burnishing services, we cover everything that needs to be done to achieve a successful procedure.

  • Area prep: To prevent any foot traffic while buffing, we will corner off the area with appropriate signs and roping.
  • Floor cleaning: We need to first remove gunk or debris. These things can cause the buffing process to create grayish or yellowish flooring over time.
  • Apply buffing solution: We utilize a professional spraying applicator to apply the buffing solution lightly and evenly.
  • Work the buffer machine: Our cleaning experts will start buffing the floors, e.g. rotating the machine side to side in a pendulum-like motion for an effective buff.
  • Dry buff and burnish: This time round, we will dry buff the area without applying any spray. This helps remove excess spray and the burnishing process creates a shiny finish.
  • Applying the finishing touch: We will apply a finish on top to ensure that your floor is safe and slip-resistant.

Why Should You Choose NLC Solutions for Floor Buffing/Burnishing?

Since our inception, NLC Solutions has been the leading choice for commercial floor buffing/burnishing services in New Jersey. Our cleaning experts can give a shine to your building as well as preserve the professionalism and cleanliness of your facility. For more than 30 years, our company has been serving Somerset County, Middlesex County, and Union County with unmatched accountability, innovation, professionalism, and integrity.

We understand that every building's floors are exposed to varying amounts of traffic. We can facilitate floor buffing/burnishing services at different frequencies. Our cleaning experts will consider the specific demands of your building when determining an optimal schedule that keeps your commercial establishment looking great 24/7/365. That's not all. Our services are also available at the most competitive rates.

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