Easily Overlooked Areas When Cleaning Commercial Properties

Lets start with your windows — prime candidates for sheltering grime and dust. If they have been kept closed for a long time, it’s probably time to vacuum out the corners (and getting those spider webs while you are at it). Listed below are a few more areas that you may have been overlooking all this time.


Inspect the top edges of baseboards, backsplashes and other molding to make sure they are clean. Accumulated dust is unsightly and unhealthy.

Ceiling Tiles and Ventilation Grates

Ceiling tiles are one of the most common, yet overlooked areas for dust to accumulate. The tiles positioned near the vents can be prone to staining as well.

Lighting Fixtures

Bulbs and fluorescent light fixtures gather dust over time, which can dull their shine. They should be wiped down regularly.

Vertical Surfaces (especially when textured)

Pay attention to your walls, especially those in areas with less traffic. Don’t forget to look behind those open doors.


Whether it is carpeted or hard surface, the corners of stairwells and stairways accumulate debris, salt or other foreign particles that are ready to hitch a ride on the bottom of shoes and spread throughout the office.

Door Knobs and Switch Plates

Make sure that you get those knobs and buttons cleaned on a regular basis. The average person comes in contact with door knobs at least a dozen times in a day, spreading bacteria and viruses throughout the office.

Office Furniture

Way below the chair seats and table tops, dirt is accumulating on the bases of all your office furniture. Make sure your cleaner pays attention to this easily forgotten area.

We’re sure you have your own pet peeves when it comes to hidden dirt and dust. At NLC Solutions, we have the right equipment and supplies to leave your commercial property clean from top to bottom. Call us for a no-cost inspection and quote.