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Common Commercial Carpet Cleaning Misconceptions

NLC has extensive experience in carpet cleaning and we have been able to observe first hand the factors that extend the life of a carpet, and the cost-cutting that can cut its useful life short.

#1 Spending money on cleaning carpets is bad for your budget

Sure, it’s always painful to part with hard earned dollars. Ease the pain by thinking about the long term. you made an initial investment in carpeting to provide a clean, comfortable, and productive environment for staff and clients alike. Maintaining your carpeting helps it deliver on that original investment and extends its service life — it puts your facility’s best foot forward!.

#2 Organic or Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning Solutions are Not Worth It

Well, they are. Think Perchloroethylene. Or naphthalene. Or any of the other six hidden toxins in that make up conventional carpet cleaning products. A sniff here and there? Probably not too dangerous, but long term exposure to a toxic indoor environment can cause a variety of health problems. Protect all who use your carpets, go green. This is not true. The truth is that the toxicity levels of conventional carpet cleaning products are high. They are dangerous enough for humans and the environment. If toxic carpet cleaning chemicals are applied on already toxic materials (e.g. dirty carpets), you greatly increase the risk of carbon emission, unproductivity, and other illnesses. Today, it is imperative that you hire a commercial carpet cleaning company that upholds eco-friendly practices.

#3 The Expertise and Experience of the Cleaning Crew is Not Important

The newest hi-tech equipment is an impressive offering. However, in the wrong hands the end result can be very unsatisfying to say the least. To get truly professional results, research your carpet cleaning company. Ask questions about the training and experience of workers. Are they IICRC-certified? Make sure to ask for references (and do a little web surfing to check other sources). If a carpet cleaning company uses cutting-edge technology, it means that they are the right man for the job, right? Having access to modern cleaning equipment has its advantages. However, that would mean nothing if the carpet cleaning crew lacks experience and is not properly trained. If you hire such a company, your commercial carpet will bear the brunt of inefficient cleaning methods. You should check to see if the carpet cleaning company employs IICRC-certified professionals. You can enjoy complete peace of mind when hiring these companies because they possess the right skills for the job and are authorized to handle the right equipment.

#4 Six Months is the Standard/Recommended Carpet Cleaning Interval

There are so many variables to consider when scheduling carpet cleaning and maintenance…your volume of foot traffic, entrances leading in from dirty areas, environmental factors such as dust, moisture, food & beverage exposure, and other contaminates. Keep a log on when you last cleaned your carpets. Use your eyes and your nose to reveal problem areas. Your carpet will always tell you when it needs cleaning. Don’t hesitate to ask your provider about spot cleaning problem areas more often than the entire facility.

#5 Hot Water Should Never be Used for Carpet Cleaning

When done by an experienced professional, steam cleaning is an effective way to deep clean most types of carpeting. The potential for damage is realized when done by a poorly trained operator. Damage can occur when your carpet is subjected to over-wetting/over-shampooing, or when furniture is placed on carpet that is not fully dry.

#6 The Cheapest Carpet Cleaning Package Is The Best

Just say that out loud to convince yourself that it isn’t true. As in any work requiring trained professional operators and top-notch equipment, it takes a certain amount of investment to do the job right. Want to save in the long run? Protect your carpeting investment by doing your research and hiring a respected company that has a great track record and has the references to prove it. Your carpets will look great and last longer. Maybe not the cheapest but certainly the most economical.

Hope I’ve cleared up a few of your questions. Don’t hesitate to email with more questions. Ready to get started with your carpets? Please contact us to request a free estimate on carpet cleaning as well as hard floor cleaning and...your entire facility!