Commercial Cleaning and Lasting Impressions

Commercial Cleaning and Lasting Impressions

When a potential customer walks through your door, they are taking mental notes about what they see, smell and hear. If your entry area (reception desk or waiting room) is not looking its best, your business will make a bad first impression – one that will last.


When someone walks through the door, their eyes are scanning for a friendly face to welcome them and direct them to the next step. It’s a perfect time to give your visitors a clear clean view of your business – decluttered and calm. We advise our clients to minimize distractions at the point of entry, especially if your visitor will be spending some time in the area.

Make sure that every surface is clean and dust-free. Start with the floors. Make sure your hard surface floors are clean and glowing. Carpeting should be freshly vacuumed, and spot cleaned if necessary. Anything on the walls gets the same treatment. Doors should be wiped down. Don’t forget the trash containers – emptied and with a fresh liner.

Okay, now we are both clean and pleasing to the eye, any unpleasant odors are gone. Success.

NLC Solutions knows the importance of a great first impression; and that it starts when your business is at its cleanest. Reap the benefits of a clean, healthy business space, call for a free quote at 908-753-3900 today.