Professional Adult Daycare Cleaning Services

NLC Solutions is a trusted commercial cleaning services provider in New Jersey. Our top-notch cleaning solutions will leave your daycare establishment cleaner than ever before and with long-lasting results that you will keep you satisfied.

What is Adult Daycare?

When an elderly or loved one requires additional supervision and care during the day, some families have the impression that they need to quit their jobs to take care of the individual. Some also cannot handle the stress of round-the-clock caregiving. This is where adult day care services come in. These day care centers are designed to provide companionship and care for older adults who require additional medical attention and care throughout the day.

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Today, there are two main types of adult daycare: adult day health care and adult social daycare. The goals of these programs are to prevent or delay institutionalization by encouraging socialization, enhancing self-esteem, and providing alternative care.

Some of the activities that older adults generally participate on a scheduled basis include recreation, physical therapy, medical care, meals, health screening, exercise, education, counseling, and more. With a wide range of activities being facilitated every hour, it can be a monumental task to maintain facility cleanliness, especially when you are short of cleaning staff. This is where NLC Solutions can help. We provide adult daycare centers with stellar cleaning solutions.

Understanding the Benefits of Adult Daycare Commercial Cleaning Services

The process of maintaining a sanitary adult daycare center is essential for protecting your clients' health. Cleaning services can prevent infectious diseases from spreading. Cleaning is not just about dusting, sweeping, and mopping. In commercial facilities, it is more than that. You will need a professional who are specially trained to recognize and sanitize the hot spots for germs in a daycare environment. In many cases, the floor is the biggest offender. That's why we provide special floor and surface cleaning services.

What Does NLC Solutions Offer for Adult Daycare Commercial Cleaning Services?

At NLC Solutions, we can handle everything pertaining to adult daycare commercial cleaning. They include:

  • Washing windows
  • Removing wastebaskets
  • Cleaning furniture
  • Vacuuming carpets
  • Cleaning elevators
  • Cleaning or vacuuming stairs
  • Cleaning reception areas, foyers, and entrances
  • Mopping floors
  • Dusting
  • Cleaning air vents
  • Cleaning restrooms
  • Cleaning kitchen area

Why Should You Choose NLC Solutions for Adult Daycare Commercial Cleaning Services?

Our company has been in the commercial cleaning industry for three decades, and we offer professional and affordable commercial cleaning services in Middlesex County, Somerset County, and Union County.

When you work with NLC Solutions, we utilize eco-friendly cleaning chemicals and abide by best industry practices to clean your adult daycare facility. We also utilize hospital grade cleaning materials that are beneficial for both the environment and humans. Whether you need to disinfect restroom stall walls or counters, we have got you covered. We will also use non-toxic disinfectants and microfiber cloths to disinfect every area of your facility. What's more, we know how to clean carpets and make sure they are fresh and germ-free.

If you have further questions about our adult daycare cleaning expertise, do not hesitate to contact us today!